Do You Want to Feel Empowered in Your Life?

Do You Desire Confidence, Strength, and ‘Knowing’?

It is Yours for the Asking.

Allow these Stories and Lessons to Light Your Way.

Watch The Movie. Read The Book.
Be Inspired.

Empowerment doesn’t have to be elusive. If you’re not feeling empowered, it’s because you have forgotten the true power that you possess. In fact, this power is your birthright. Empowerment is not bestowed upon a select few—It belongs to you, the co-authors of this book, and to all beings on our planet. We sometimes forget that we are spiritual beings above all else and that we are worthy and deserving of great good, and so we give away our power by listening to the voice of others above our own. This doesn’t have to be your experience.

Empower Your Life contains stories of 21 incredible women who’ve navigated their way through significant, and sometimes life-altering transformations. These women have stumbled along the way, and then decided to face their demons and challenges with humor, grace, and conscious intention. They choose to share their stories to ease your personal journey and to provide motivation, guidance, and inspiration so you can make the empowering changes you envision for your own life. As you read these stories and allow yourself to feel blessed and grateful, you will more readily access and ‘know’ your own innate personal power.

Discover Empowerment through these Lessons and Stories:

  • Discover techniques to relieve stress, tension, and overwhelm
  • Heal your body through mind-body-spirit modalities
  • Use truth as a guide for business, personal, and spiritual growth
  • Step out of your ‘job’ and into entrepreneurial freedom
  • Release the past so you can move forward with ease
  • Listen deeply to the voice of your Spirit
  • Tap into your passion and live your life on purpose
  • Gracefully manage divorce, break-ups, loss, and abandonment
  • Experience total freedom regardless of your circumstances
  • Recognize that some hardships can lead to great joy



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    Powerful You! is a connections and empowerment company specializing in business, personal and spiritual growth. Powerful You! Women’s Network holds monthly in-person chapter meetings and virtual networking meetings, and hosts a learning center with three new teachers each month. Our publishing company shares wisdom of inspiring individuals through anthologies, individually-authored books, and the brand new Wisdom & Insights series. www.powerfulyou.com

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    Sue Urda is your Feel Good Guidess. She has impacted thousands through her transformative talks and inspirational writings teaching people to embrace the power of feeling good. She is an award-winning and Amazon #1 bestselling author, publisher of 10 books, and Co-Founder of Powerful You! - a connections and empowerment company for women. Sue mission is to help people find the feel good and live in that space every day. www.sueurda.com

    BONUS GIFTLive More Intentionally and with Gratitude ~ Receive 10 Lessons for your growth and ease. “You are a Divine and powerful individual capable of anything you set your thinking mind and loving heart to.” These lessons will help you tap the innate power you naturally possess and assist you to guide your thoughts and actions for more ease and grace as you move through each day. Get Your Gift

    AmondaRose Igoe, "Your Speaking Success Strategist"

    AmondaRose Igoe, “Your Speaking Success Strategist”, is an Award-Winning Speaking Expert and Best-Selling Author. She has taught thousands of Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Business Professionals step-by-step speaking systems so they can effectively share their message and enjoy massive results. She is the creator of the Invincible Speaker Systems to Amplify Your Impact and Income. www.amondarose.com

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    This educational handbook explores over 130 individual toxic ingredients. These harmful ingredients are not only found in most personal care products, but in all aspects of our lives including the food we consume. Download our FREE e-book Get Your Gift


    Amy is a Source intuitive, channeler and gifted energy healer who teaches creative entrepreneurs how to leave struggle behind and step into a empassioned life of unlimited possibility and empowered choice. Amy is the creator of powerful meditations that work and programs that create breakthroughs in prosperity, joy and well being. www.WealthAbundanceJoyNow.com

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    Heal Your Life Training

    Heal Your Life® Training offers a unique one week in-person program to train you for leading up to 14 different workshops in Louise Hay's philosophy. Approved by Louise, you receive all materials – scripts, handouts, and music – for your workshops, plus follow-up afterwards to help you get started. And you gain a new family of choice! www.hyltraining.com

    BONUS GIFT: Practicing affirmations is a powerful way to retrain your mind to think more positively. Scientific evidence shows you actually create new synapses in your brain! I’ve recorded affirmations for you in important life areas: loving and approving of yourself, prosperity, health, career, relationships, clearing the past and dealing with challenges. Enjoy! Get Your Gift


    Dr. Jo Anne White is an International Award Winning, Bestselling Author and Speaker, Certified Business Coach, Image and Branding Specialist and Lead Generation Strategist. She’s also the Executive Producer and Host of the Power Your Life TV & Radio Shows. Her books, training and seminars have inspired, empowered and transformed millions of people to create the lives and businesses of their dreams. www.drjoannewhite.com

    BONUS GIFT: Soul Manifestation E-Book by Dr. Jo Anne White. Your Soul is always guiding you. Are you listening? Tap into the knowledge of your soul and live more in tune with your soul’s calling. You can manifest your soul’s vision and have more inner peace, self-expansion and joy and begin right now. Get Your Gift


    Jennifer Hamady is a vocal coach and therapist specializing in the technical and emotional issues that interfere with self-expression. Based in New York City and Washington DC, Jennifer works in private practice with musicians and others to discover, develop, and confidently release their best personal, professional, and performance potential. She writes for The Huffington Post and Psychology Today on matters of creativity and is the author of three books and vocal and personal self-expression.  www.findingyourvoice.com

    BONUS GIFT: Enjoy the first chapter of Jennifer’s latest book, "The Art of Singing” about the psychology, relationships, and technology in recording and performing. Get Your Gift


    Saira Priest is the author of: “Zen of Hoarding - 108 offerings for deciding what you own.” Clear the space between the clutter and your calling. “Seek Joy,” relax to a reading meditation filled with natural images paired with uplifting reflections. “If We Were…” share a sweet message of sharing with a child you love. www.sairapriest.com

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    Perpetual Transformation of the Body, Mind and Soul

    As part of what I offer client is Holistic Healings, which comprehends of The Body Code/Emotion Code, Healing Touch, The Balance Procedure, Reiki, CCMBA, The Black Pearl, Thought Field Therapy, Chakra Clearing with Crystals and so much more including being a Certified Health Coach from IIN. www.perpetualtransformation.ca

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    Success Coach Michelle Casto

    Dr. Michelle is a seasoned Success and Purpose Coach and Quantum Energy Healer that works with awakening men and women to overcome their hidden subconscious blocks so they can step into their Greatest Destiny. www.CoachMichelleCasto.com

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    Health Matters

    Doris Helge, Ph.D. is author of #1 Bestselling Books published in many foreign languages, ”Transforming Pain Into Power — Making the Most of Your Emotions,” ”Joy on the Job” and ”Conquer Your Inner Critic” and frequently interviewed on CNN, ”The Today Show” and NPR. Discover more about Dr. Doris at CoachingByDoris.comwww.CoachingByDoris.com

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    Leslie Nolan Design- ‘Get Your Mojo Back!

    I work with Creative Entrepreneurs who have lost their mojo and inspirational vision. I help them reclaim their power, and find the courage to create their great work. www.leslienolandesign.com

    BONUS GIFT: Get Instant Access to Your Gift! "How to Get Your Mojo Back!" The Creative Entrepreneur's Guide ~ Receive Five Energetic Keys to ignite and remove creative blocks. Tap into your intuition to help you through transition and big change. Discover what is holding you back. Find innovative connections for breakthrough. Receive unique perspective of your situation in alignment with your values. Get Your Gift

    LeNae Goolsby

    LeNae Goolsby is a Personal Power Activator, Empowerment Coach, Public Speaker, Author, and Regularly Featured Expert in Entrepreneur, Business Insider, MindBodyGreen.com and many others. She is also the Co-Founder of Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Center, boutique integrative medical practice located in New Orleans and Lake Charles, Louisiana. www.LeNaeGoolsby.com

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    Lucy Vajime

    At lifecoachliv.com, we share mind key processes that enable you work on yourself to become what you desire to be. You make the choices and you do the work but you have the guidance of a cheerleader to help you grow at your own pace. You are not meant to go it all alone. www.lifecoachliv.com

    BONUS GIFT: Be the Best Version of Yourself helps you take one small step each day to improve on your actions.Spread over 52 days, you learn and develop a habit that works for you: taking small bites at or baby steps each day, stalls overwhelm and helps you progress effortlessly. Get Your Gift

    Healing Energy Services for People and Animals

    People and Pet Psychic & Healer, Wanda Buckner works with you and your animals to provide the energetic support and insight you need to heal. Wanda helps you and your animals repair the past, heal the present, and embrace the future. Wanda provides in-person sessions in greater Olympia WA and at a distance anywhere. www.healingenergyservices.com

    BONUS GIFT: Free PDF: People and Pet Psychic & Healer, Wanda Buckner works with you and your animals to provide the energetic support and insight you need to heal. Wanda helps you and your animals repair the past, heal the present, and embrace the future. Wanda provides in-person sessions in greater Olympia WA and at a distance anywhere. Get Your Gift

    Ladybug Wellness

    Ladybug Wellness is dedicated to empowering clients to achieve balance within their energy system to promote overall health and wellness. This website is a wealth of resources that will inspire anyone to find their true calling and passion by letting go of anything in their past that hinders them from a life worth living. www.ladybugwellness.ca

    BONUS GIFT: Would you like to have more clarity and focus in your life; feel more whole, balanced and energized? Emotion Code is a non-invasive effective technique to release trapped negative energies that hinder you from feeling and experiencing all the good that life has to offer. Receive your complimentary introductory mini session here: Get Your Gift

    Through The Storm

    Through the storm is a blog site that offers encouragement to as we face difficulties in life. www.throughthestorm.us

    BONUS GIFT: “Through The Storm” is intended to be a place of hope, encouragement and strength for navigating the storms and trials of life by trusting in the Word of God, surrendering to the Son of God while being guided by the Spirit of God. Get Your Gift

    Leontine Osuagwu

    Liberating Tamar Inc is a 501C3 non profit organization with a mandate to help facilitate emotional freedom in the lives of survivors of physical and emotional abuse. The organization fulfills it’s mission through partnership with other organizations, through outreach, conferences, workshops and teaching in various formats. www.LiberatingTamar.org

    BONUS GIFT: This free gift will definitely be a blessing to you. It is a 31 devotional that will help readers solidify your relationship with God and begin to Trust God, accept themselves as God’s vessel of honor and get empowered to rise to greatness. You will not regret reading this. Get Your Gift

    Melissa Clark

    The She Shift empowers women: aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, businesswomen and women who strive to inspire others.Through business consulting, speaking and resourceful books, The She Shift’s mission is to authentically help women build themselves and their business. The She Shift is a platform, voice and resource for women. www.thesheshift.com

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    SOAR Coaching Academy

    The Place to SOAR is a social enterprise that grew out of my personal life experiences. Quite simply, it is a social enterprise focused on integrated life change and has become my calling statement. As the Founder of The Place to SOAR, my vision is to invest in the growth and development of people. I am on a mission to Help YOU SOAR! www.theplacetosoar.com

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    Barbara Stone is a professor at Energy Medicine University, a bilingual psychotherapist, and an international teacher. She holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. The Soul Detective Protocols she presents in her books Invisible Roots and Transforming Fear into Gold help energy healers resolve the spiritual aspects of emotional problems. www.souldetective.net

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    Heather Thomas ~ Inspired Wellness

    Heather's heart-based healing work is done both in person and by distance. She is a practiced facilitator of health and healing, mentor and teacher for those who wish to take that next step into a life full of vitality, joy and contentment. Say YES to yourself and connect with Heather today. www.heatherthomas.ca

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    Miriam's Wellness Agenda

    A pioneering expert in the mind body spirit field for over 35 years, I am a #1 bestselling author on WOR 710AM iHeartRadio. A certified Reiki Master Teacher, my psychic energy work moves clients from dis-ease to integral health and optimal wellness. I create positive change that transforms lives. www.wellnessagenda.com

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    Loving Raw Foods

    Whole plant-based foods, provide the body with the "tools" needed to rebalance itself naturally without invasive surgeries or drugs.
    Add fun fitness and extreme self-care practices and you have a recipe for vibrant health at any age!
    Simple solutions to balance hormones, lose weight and reverse and/or prevent signs of aging. www.lovingrawfoods.com

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    I am excited to gift you with free delicious and easy to use recipe videos which will assist you in your journey to vibrant health, beauty and youthfulness. Get Your Gift

    Sora Vernikoff

    Sora Vernikoff is a No Diet, Weight-Loss Coach, Author and Speaker at www.nodieting.net. Sora healed herself of compulsive overeating and teaches her no-diet system both offline and online. Her book Eat What You Want! Stop When You Want! A No-Diet, Weight-Loss Program was a #1 Amazon Best Seller when published. www.nodieting.net

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    Debbie Peever - Empower Your Reality

    Debbie Peever is an intuitive healer, instructor, and owner of Northern Lights Holistic Health and Healing. Debbie is passionate about helping you Empower Your Reality. Combining her years of experience as an educator and certifications in Reiki, Oils, Massage and Akashic Records, she delivers pragmatic strategies geared towards creating The Reality of Your Choice! www.northernlightsholistichealthandhealing.ca

    BONUS GIFT: Have you ever felt someone else’s physical, or emotional pain? Do you feel drained in a room full of people or around computers and artificial lighting? GROUNDING is EMPOWERING, enabling the energy that you encounter to flow through you instead of becoming absorbed by you. Use this FREE Grounding MP3 audio to EMPOWER YOUR REALITY! Get Your Gift

    Healer's Hearts

    Do you feel too sensitive and people tell you to "toughen up"? Do you feel what other people are feeling?
    Do you have stomach upset or unexplained body pain? Do you feel happier when you are by yourself? If you answer YES to many of these questions you may be an Empath. You may have what I call a Healer's Heart. Join Maria and learn more about having a Healer's Heart and how to feel empowered with your gift of Empathy. www.healershearts.com

    BONUS GIFT: Join Maria Gould and learn more about being an Empath with a Healer's Heart. This gifts includes: ** 4 informational Videos about being empathic, ** and two mediations for empaths. All to guide you to embrace your Sensitive Self. Join Maria TODAY and step into EMPOWERMENT with your Gift of Empathy. Get Your Gift

    Vibrant Health Alternatives

    Dena Rives has studied holistic healing through many venues and has been working with clients for over ten years in the field of homeopathy to help create mental, emotional, and physical health. Her company, Vibrant Health Alternatives uses a Multi-Dimensional Approach to Health and Wellness. If you are suffering from body pain, joint pain, limited range of motion, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, stress, allergies, bone loss, or fatigue ... Visit us to find out more about this extraordinary approach. www.VibrantHealthAlternatives.com

    BONUS GIFT: Complimentary 20 minute Strategy Session on the phone to discuss your concerns and questions. By analyzing and understanding the body and where it has imbalances, each can be addressed and corrected to improve the overall well-being of the mind, body, and spirit. Go to www.VibrantHealthAlternatives.com and contact us today to start your road to restoration. "My goal is to give clients a solid foundation tor an Alternative Approach to Optimal Wellness." - Dena Rives Get Your Gift

    Cara Viana

    A teacher, healer, psychic, and coach, Cara practices playful spirituality and helps bring you back into connection with your broader essence of who you are. In her loving, humorous, and often irreverent way, she welcomes you home to the newest version of you. www.caraviana.com

    BONUS GIFT: Enjoy a guided daily meditation and a free connection session with Cara. Where you will get to know each other and enjoy the deep connection of being seen, and maybe make a little magic. Get Your Gift

    Women’s Empowerment Workshop

    Women's Empowerment Workshop empowers women and girls through nature-based coaching, workshops, and retreats that nourish mind, body and spirit by connecting to the natural world in a profoundly enriching, compelling and transformational way. Our nature-based events offer expertly guided explorations that rejuvenate, revitalize and renew personal awareness, resilience and confidence. www.womenempower.us

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    Loving Yourself Freely Life Coaching

    Cindy Chipchase is a Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher, Certified Life Coach, Author and Founder of Circle of Hearts Society for Women. Her passion for empowering women evolved from her own healing journey facilitated by Reiki, Yoga and the support of a strong "Tribe" of women who embraced and supported her on her journey. www.lovingyourselffreely.com

    BONUS GIFT: Would you like to learn how to "love yourself freely?" Connect with Cindy via email to schedule a free 20 minute consult to begin the process of uncovering obstacles that may be holding you back. Cindy will provide you with tips and tools to begin the process of Empowering Your Life. Get Your Gift